Branwyn|Performance Innerwear, the merino wool performance innerwear brand, transitioned to ZQ-certified wool. 

In compliance with Reach and Oeko-Tex standards, Branwyn extended its commitment to ethical wool through a partnership with The New Zealand Merino Company, which sets the ZQ Grower Standard. 

“At Branwyn, the health of our customers, our sheep and our planet has always come first,” said co-founder Lauren Shafer. “Transitioning to ZQ wool was the natural next step in our pledge to bring our customers the best naturally sustainable merino.”

ZQ growers must comply with high animal welfare standards, including free-range grazing, access to clean drinking water, good nutrition, adequate shade, shelter, and not being subjected to mulesing.

ZQ farms adhere to environmental standards, and all ZQ wool is traceable back to the original growers, all of whom are required to produce customized land environmental plans, ensuring all ZQ growers work in safe, healthy conditions, earn fair wages, and are income stable.