BOTE, maker of paddleboards and kayaks, released its Rackham Aero 11’ paddleboard in a limited-edition No Quarter design. The No Quarter Rackham 11’ comes with a suite of matching accessories.

Known as The Waterman’s Board, the Rackham 11’ is the little brother to the original Rackham Aero 12’4”. Lighter in weight and smaller in stature, the board is built for recreational paddlers and avid explorers. Compatible with the brand’s Rac system, Magnepod magnetic drinkware system, Aero Paddle Sheath, Sandspear, Wheel Rac, the Rackham 11’ is customizable.

“The No Quarter limited-edition Rackham 11’ and its accompanying Bote Presents No Quarter video which pays homage to the pirate from where the paddleboard got its name, Captain Jack Rackham, “Calico Jack.” Shipboard styling pairs with red accents and a vintage red wax seal graphic to create a Watership. 

Rounding out this limited-edition release is a matching Rackham Red Kula 5 cooler with Magnepod, Rackham Red MagneKoozie, Black Flag emblazoned with Bote’s take on a Jolly Roger logo, and a seasonal release of a Rackham Red Ale custom crafted by Destin Brewery.

The in-line Rackham Aero 11’ will be available at the end of November in Classic Teak and Full Trax designs and is constructed with BOTE’s AeroUltra technology, which helps reduce weight while maintaining durability under the guarantee of the company’s two-year warranty.

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Photo courtesy Bote