SAN DIEGO, Calif. – July 9, 2019 – BLDG Active™, the leader in bringing environmentally responsible cutting-edge medical technologies to the Active outdoor community, introduces new Active Skin Repair Kids first-aid spray for the next generation of athletes. Active Skin Repair Kids is a pediatrician recommended, clinically proven treatment for everyday skin and wound repair.

“Having a non-toxic product like Active Skin Repair that is safe, effective and easy to use provides parents a much needed option for everyday skin issues, said, Shakha Gillin, M.D., FAAP. “It’s great to see a product like this being made more accessible to parents,” she added.

BLDG Active has created a new kind of medical company, allowing greater access to innovative, effective and non-toxic medical products to consumers globally. The brand’s unconventional strategy and commitment provides solutions that not only work, but are better for people and the environment. BLDG’s flagship product, Active Skin Repair, a non-toxic, biodegradable and natural regenerative wound and skin repair spray and hydrogel, has garnered a cult-like following from athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

The medical grade technology used in Active Skin Repair Kids Spray is the same safe, non-toxic molecule used in hospitals and households worldwide to support the natural healing process. This multi-functional spray is all parents need to clean and help heal an array of kids skin issues like minor cuts, scrapes, rashes, sunburns, skin irritations and more.

Active Kids award winning formulation works with the body’s natural healing process and like all Active Skin Repair products is:

  • Safe, natural and non-toxic
  • No-sting
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antipruritic
  • Non-sensitizing
  • Safe for sensitive areas: eyes, ears, nose, et.
  • Made with NO steroids, synthetic antibiotics, alcohol, and harsh, stinging chemicals

Now at retail stores nationwide and online: Active Skin Repair Kids, 3oz Spray, $24.99


“It is quite exceptional to find a skin healing product that is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, non-toxic, and non-stinging,” said Vishakha Gigler, M.D., board certified dermatologist. “Given that we currently use products such as neomycin that were discovered and developed 50 years ago, we welcome products that better meet our current needs,” she added.

Active Skin Repair Kids was selected as a finalist in the, 2019 Eco Excellence Awards, the international media awards for excellence in the world of sustainability, social responsibility, health and wellness, by Natural Child World Magazine and the company was selected as a, 2019 Top 10 Wound Care Solution Provider, by  Med Tech Outlook.

BLDG Active is proud to be a 1% for the Planet company, donating 1% of all sales to environmental organizations doing work on the front lines.