Blackcrows dropped a limited-edition Powder Hunting capsule collection with the new generation Nocta. 

The capsule represents the company’s take on the powder hunt side of skiing. It includes a new shape of the Nocta with increased flexibility and camber—the biggest and widest ski in the company’s line—a shovel, earflap hat, backpack, and a long-tailed anorak jacket

“The chase of a powder day, the excitement of getting ready to enjoy the pursuit and the pleasure of weightlessness keeps us coming back for more,” said Jack Gray, chief product officer, Blackcrows. “This collection celebrates the powder hunt with an outfit that can take you from shoveling your driveway to backcountry paradise.”

Trees influenced the camo design and pattern for the collection. The new orange colorway for the Nocta inspired the collection’s color scheme. 

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Photo courtesy Blackcrows