Brooklyn, NY, September 6, 2019 – BioLite, an innovator in off-grid energy solutions, and Mercy Corps, a leading global relief organization, have launched the Emergency Energy Fund, an evergreen fund hosted on Crowdwise to support communities impacted by disasters.

“Since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, when a natural disaster hits BioLite receives immediate inquiries from the community asking how they can help,” said Matt Goldberg, BioLite’s Manager of Humanitarian Assistance. “This new initiative is a direct result of those inquiries. Through the launch of BioLite’s Emergency Energy Fund we can now offer fast, impactful support when the grid goes down and we are so proud to have a trusted partner in Mercy Corps.”

Mercy Corps has the operational expertise to assess, deliver, and deploy energy solutions quickly and effectively to affected regions. Through the partnership and fund, the Mercy Corps team will survey the affected area when disaster strikes and identify the BioLite products most relevant and helpful to recovery. From there, a deployment plan will quickly be activated and funds from the Emergency Energy Fund will be drawn to secure a shipment of items.

“Solar-powered lanterns are a great asset in the aftermath of disasters, especially severe storms which often knock out the electricity grid,” said Jill Morehead, Regional Team Lead. “Having the ability to charge phones with the USB outlet means that people can contact their loved ones, get up-to-date information from authorities, and access emergency services.”

Make an Impact
“Cooking, charging, and lighting are three of the most critical energy needs in any off-grid environment,” said BioLite CEO Jonathan Cedar. “By providing these resources in the aftermath of a crisis, you are helping families say safe, supported, and connected when they need it most.”

Like potable water or medical supplies, safe and reliable access to energy is a crucial component of disaster relief. BioLite products require minimal setup and offer a sustainable and safe alternative to gas generators and battery-powered lights. The products available for deployment will include items from both BioLite’s Outdoor and Emerging Markets portfolio. Here are just a few of the ways donations to the fund can help disaster relief:

  • $15 provides personal solar lighting to an individual, removing the need for candles or lighting that can die out.
  • $30 outfits emergency responders or survivors with hands-free rechargeable headlamps for safe navigation through nighttime or other low light situations.
  • $59 equips a recovery tent with a solar home system that offers multi-area lighting, radio for emergency information, and phone charging to stay in communication with loved ones.
  • $78 enables communities to access clean-burning biomass cookstoves for emergency water boiling and hot meals without reliance on propane.

BioLite’s technologies address the health, environmental, and economic challenges of smoky open-fire cooking and kerosene lighting. To date, BioLite has positively impacted over 515,000 people, generated nearly 382 million Watt-hours of electricity, and offset over 216,000 Tonnes of CO2. The BioLite HomeStove reduces toxic smoke emissions by 90-percent, uses 50-percent less wood, and generates electricity from fire from which a mobile device or LED lights can be charged. The BioLite SolarHome 620 generates electricity from the sun, providing mobile phone charging and up to 24 hours of multi-room light, and is pay-as-you-go enabled.