Bern Helmets announced its partnership with snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis. During upcoming competitions for the 2022 winter season, Jacobellis, a four-time Olympian, will wear a custom-built purple Carbon Macon helmet. 

Born in Danbury, CT, Jacobellis started snowboarding at age 10, racing at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. Jacobellis is a six-time World Champion, a ten-time X Games gold medalist and a silver medalist at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Jacobellis’ Carbon Macon and the Carbon Watts helmets are engineered using a ten-step process that takes five days to complete due to the molding, curing and finishing of the shell. The helmet is finished with scratch and sun-resistant UV gloss paint. The carbon fiber material is 8-to-10 times stronger than ​​acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, commonly used for injection molding applications in products such as Lego’s, keyboard caps or musical instruments. The woven design of the carbon fiber material distributes the force of an impact through a wider surface resulting in even absorption, compared to ABS plastic, which can provide a higher level of protection.

“Bern combines best in class performance technology and a distinct style in a helmet with big personality,” said Jacobellis. “Its construction and attention to detail set it apart from other helmets providing the utmost protection crafted by hand. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Bern family for the past five years, and am eager to see what the future holds for our partnership.” 

“Lindsey is an established legend in the category and her enthusiasm reflects the spirit of our brand,” said Bern Helmets CEO Dennis Leedom. “We are excited to continue supporting Lindsey as she is such an accomplished athlete, and are proud she will be wearing the Carbon Macon for this upcoming winter season.”

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Photo courtesy Bern