The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company introduced the GS53 MAX Driver featuring a lightweight Carbon Composite Crown designed to maximize distance and forgiveness. Specs include:

  • The GS53 MAX is offered in any one of three shafts with 22 percent larger and 11 percent taller face than the 445cc GS53 Driver, which will remain in the product line.
  • The four-piece head design combines several materials including forged Titanium and Tungsten with a carbon composite crown —  to position discretionary weight inside the clubhead to create a low and rearward center of mass for higher initial launch angles.
  • Weight was added to the edges of the Driver’s head for stability and to keep the clubhead squared at impact.
  • Weight optimization also allows the GS53 MAX to be ‘acoustically tuned’ for solid sound at impact.

“This is a special driver that is born off Mr. Hogan’s principles of club design,” said Scott White, CEO, Ben Hogan Golf Company. “Our R&D mission for the GS53 MAX was to keep the center of mass as low and as far rearward as possible, which is very different when compared to the original GS53 driver which is much higher and more forward. As a result, the combination of the lightweight composite crown and tungsten sole weight allows us to position the Center of Mass so that we maximize launch while decreasing the amount of ball spin. This provides a higher ball flight, especially for players who don’t have tour-caliber clubhead speeds, for increased carry and roll out.”

White added, “The composite crown also allows us to increase the forgiveness of the driver by moving more mass to the edges of the driver; it’s the same concept as perimeter weighting used in iron design. As a result, the GS53 clubhead is more stable and squared at impact. We think golfers of all abilities will love the feel and performance of the GS53 MAX.”

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Photo courtesy Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Co.