Bajio, makers of blue-light filtering sustainable performance sunglasses built to save worldwide saltwater flats, advanced its environmental commitment through partnerships with Emerger Strategies and the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance.

Emerger Strategies is a sustainable business consultancy tasked with calculating Bajio’s carbon footprint and providing a pathway to carbon neutrality. The Fly Fishing Climate Alliance is a collection of guides, shops, lodges, brands, and nonprofits, who share the common belief that it is their responsibility to take action to solve the current climate crisis.

Launching April 2021, Bajio boasts a veteran leadership team with vast experience in the eyewear, conservation and fishing industries. Led by founder and President Al Perkinson, Bajio is the first Fly Fishing Climate Alliance member to commit to carbon neutrality since its inception.

“We started Bajio to create the best performance sunglasses on the market and save the fisheries we love,” said Perkinson. “A critical part of this process is to reduce our environmental impact and do our part to help solve the climate crisis. We are thrilled to partner with Emerger Strategies and the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance (FFCA) as we work to achieve this goal.”

Bajio joins other FFCA members who are committing to going carbon neutral by 2030 to save the eco-systems and fish their businesses depend upon.

“I am stoked to see Bajio set sustainability as a core value. They are taking action by addressing climate change from day one,” commented Rick Crawford, Emerger Strategies president and founder FFCA. “Most companies are having to figure out their carbon footprint in reverse. Instead, Bajio is making better supply chain decisions in the design phase of their company and products. This will make reducing supply chain emissions much easier in the long run. We are proud to have Bajio as a Fly Fishing Climate Alliance member and I look forward to seeing them grow.”

Bajio will appear in independent retailers and launch to consumers on April 1, 2021.

Photo courtesy Bajio