Planet Earth, The Universe (March 12, 2024) – Since inventing the first fleece crafted from recycled plastic water bottles more than three decades ago, Polartec, a Milliken & Company brand, and the premium creator of innovative and more sustainable textile solutions, has upheld its unwavering pledge to protect the environment. Polartec consistently goes above and beyond to make the goal of zero waste a reality – from using 100% recycled and plant-based materials, to delivering certified waste reductions and innovative technologies that reduce the impact of its activities. Now, with its new Beyond Beings Today initiative, Polartec aims to raise awareness around the important global themes of sustainability, diversity and positive change.

Beyond Beings Today is a multifaceted campaign featuring static and multimedia content, including short films released throughout the year via multiple touchpoints and channels – the first of which will be released on Earth Day 2024 to underscore the underlying premise that the future is what we make it.  Polartec’s commitment to sustainable solutions go beyond the integration of increasingly advanced manufacturing methods or the ongoing exploration of novel fibers, and continued investments in sustainable materials development. This commitment extends to the fundamental belief that, if we change behaviors, we can change the narrative. For our Planet. For our People. For our Products.

“This important initiative reaffirms our belief that sustainability is fundamental to our past, present, and future endeavors to enrich the lives of those who wear our fabrics and to reduce our environmental impact,” said Eric Yung, Managing Director at Polartec. It is Polartec’s responsibility to safeguard all that matters deeply to us: Planet. People. Product. Beyond words, mandates and aspirations, we are taking action through innovation. Beyond Begins Today.”

Change starts with each of us. Our promise, therefore, is that every one of our product launches in 2024 will either reduce our impact on the planet, endure the test of time, or contribute to circularity processes. Beyond Begins Today at how Polartec fabrics are made to last, and made to be used and enjoyed from one generation to the next and beyond. It explores the innovative monomaterials, repurposed plastic and plant-based nylon membranes and fabrics that Polartec uses to set new standards for high performance materials and the ambitious climate-related objectives across the entire value chain that exceed existing mandates. This holistic strategy allows Polartec to stay at the forefront of its industry by producing top-notch textiles that champion environmental stewardship and pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

“For over three decades, Polartec has proven time and time again that while durability, breathability and weather-resistance is non-negotiable, ensuring such performance does not need to come at the expense of our environment,” said Ramesh Kesh, SVP Milliken and Company & Business Manager Polartec. “Leaving the world better than when we found it is a collective responsibility we hold dear – because Polartec doesn’t just talk sustainability; we are sustainability.”