Astral announced it is a Bluesign-approved System Partner and comes on the heels of releasing its Bluesign-approved PFD shell, featured in four of the brand’s lifejackets for S21.

Bluesign, founded in 2000, assists brands with sustainable textile supply solutions. Through its criteria and analysis for on-site system implementation, Bluesign aims to “reduce the textile industry’s impact on people and the environment, ensures responsible use of resources and guarantees the highest degree of consumer protection.”

From removing PVC foams and phasing out neoprene in the mid-2000s to using hemp and recycled petroleum, reducing glue and heat in its manufacturing in the 2010s, Astral continues its commitment to environmental innovation. Becoming a Bluesign System Partner is the latest step in its journey from synthetics to naturals.

“The first step in preventing damage to water and soil is understanding how chemicals affect them,” said Astral Founder & CEO Philip Curry. “Bluesign, with their deep knowledge in textile chemistry, is the partner we need to constantly evaluate our supply chain and prevent harmful chemistry getting into our products.”

Astral’s Bluesign-approved PFD shell is in four lifejackets from its S21 lineup: the Ceiba, the EV-Eight, the E-Ronny and the E-Linda. 

The Ceiba is currently available at retailers nationwide. The E-Ronny and E-Linda (presently exclusive to REI) will be available through the brand’s website and at retailers nationwide starting in July. The EV-Eight (presently exclusive to L.L. Bean) will be available online at retailers nationwide beginning in September. 

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Photo courtesy Astral