Aquasphere introduces “A Lens For Every Condition,” a guide designed to educate swimmers on their ideal lens options. 

Sorted by swimming conditions—extreme sun, cloudy, overcast, rainy, or indoor, the online guide includes details about Aquasphere’s 12 lens options and how each can enhance specific swimming environments.

The guide includes tips from its global athlete ambassadors, offering insights on how the right lens can influence performance depending on the environment, time and weather conditions.

 “The right type of lens can make all the difference when I’m training and racing,” said Tim O’Donnell, global athlete ambassador. “As I get ready to race again this spring and for my return to Kona in October, I’ve been using the Aquasphere polarized and mirrored lenses regularly for both bright days at the pool and open water swimming. This lens option allows me the most versatility, and they are effective in helping me spot course buoys and points of interest that enable me to stay on course. They also help me read the clock on the pool deck seamlessly.”

 The comprehensive guide, available in five languages on the Aquasphere website, can help swimmers find their ideal swim goggles and lenses based on personal swimming conditions. Users will be led through an intuitive lens overview, pairing every option with an easy-to-identify weather icon. 

The visual display highlights each lens in order of light transmission, enabling swimmers to understand the benefits and choose the lens that will enhance their swimming environment. A QR code will also be available on all Aquasphere swim goggle packaging, enabling direct access to the site through mobile devices.

“From open water to lap swimming, racing or even learning to swim, the new “A Lens For Every Condition” guide aims to help swimmers of all levels pick the right type of lens to improve their visual comfort and ultimately help them achieve their goals,” said Andrew Gritzbaugh, GM North America, Aqualung Group, the parent company of Aquasphere. “The new digital experience provides an easy to navigate journey including a sort option for weather condition, lens type and ideal usage, so swimmers can find the perfect lens for when and where they swim.”

Photo courtesy Aquasphere