100%, the San Diego, CA-based sports performance company, announced the launch of its 2022 Peter Sagan Limited Edition Collection.  The collection features a bold interpretation of a tie-dye design that represents Peter’s journey with the new Team TotalEnergies. The design blends bright colors with triple-layer purple mirrored lenses, which is a stark contrast to Sagan’s prior limited-edition collections. By finely tuning the Team TotalEnergies logo colors, 100% said it created a pattern to echo Peter’s “unconventional and eccentric personality and riding style.”

“I feel like this is one of my most creative executions to date with 100%,” said Sagan. “Personally, working with the brand’s Co-Founders Marc and Ludo to create something unique year after year is always something I look forward to.”

“Peter has been a 100% brand champion since 2017 and continues to echo the voice of our brand’s innovation and personality. He has been instrumental in fine-tuning the performance and craftsmanship of our sport performance eyewear for years,” said Gwen van Lingen, VP, global sales and marketing. “We love working with Peter because he always knows what he wants, which is the best product out there, and we strive to exceed his expectations year after year. Peter has a unique and boisterous style, and we wanted to showcase that by amplifying his character in our most advanced sunglasses. I feel we accomplished that with this amazing collection.”

The 2022 Sagan LE Collection is offered in 100% performance eyewear models S3, S2, and Speedcraft.

The S3 blends form and function with a peripheral field of view, protection and fit for fast riding and racing. The lower-profile S2 is ideal for everyday performance across a wide range of sports. The cylindrical shield of the Speedcraft offers 360-degree visibility and protection in extreme racing conditions. Each sunglass comes with 100% x Sagan LE Special Edition Tie-Dye packaging and pouch.

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Photo courtesy 100%