100%, the San Diego-based sports performance company, has launched two sports performance eyewear series— Eastcraft and Westcraft.

The new collection is based on the brand’s racing heritage that’s fueled by technology to create sunglasses that transcend multiple sports disciplines. The retro glacier-styled silhouette is offered in two versions, the rounded Westcraft and the squared-off design, Eastcraft.

“We’re extremely excited about the launch of Eastcraft and Westcraft,” said 100% CEO and Co-founder Ludo Boinnard. “The team reimagined sport performance sunglasses and every last detail with precision. This collection is loaded with high-performance design and technology upgrades and represents an incredible fusion of sports eyewear into fashion. The aesthetic of these styles is what modern sports stand for.”

The collection is highlighted by an interchangeable lens design that helps the wearer adapt to any environment with an engineered mechanism where you can swap the lens for the best vision quality.

The brand’s V-latch mechanics is a precision-engineered locking system built to make changing lenses from a shield to dual lenses easy while maintaining the structure and rigidity of the frame and securely keeping the lenses in place.

Whether the wearer wants an expanded peripheral view with the shield or the added ventilation and looks of dual lenses, Eastcraft and Westcraft have the interchangeability feature that enables you to shift from one to the other while maintaining the optimum optics.

Both models come with a performance shield lens for protection plus a pair of clear dual replacement lenses. The sunglasses also have removable side shields for protection from inclement weather or additional protection from the sun.

Every lens color offered is available in shield abd dual-lens configurations. When opting for the dual lenses, it opens up the top brow line for added ventilation and changes the appearance to a classic aviator and navigator styling.

Eastcraft is available in four colors. Westcraft is available in 5 colors. For more product information, go here.

Photos courtesy 100%