TriDot, a division of Predictive Fitness, Inc., and Mark Allen, the six-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, announced a partnership to create the TriDot Mark Allen Edition coaching platform for triathletes.

The partnership results from discussions between Mark Allen Sports CEO Scott Zagarino and Predictive Fitness Founder and CEO Jeff Booher.

“When Mark and I became familiar with the use of algorithmic intelligence technology applied to coaching by Predictive Fitness, we immediately saw the potential for a breakthrough in triathlon coaching,” said Zagarino.

Booher said, “We have been developing the technology for the past two decades and were blown away by how quickly an athlete of Mark’s reputation and stature grasped the value and potential for what we’ve worked so hard on all these years.”

“The big limiting factor for coaches has been the brain’s inability to match complex training data with human experience,” said Allen. “Until now, there was no way any coach could assimilate all of the possible scenarios and produce programming from that data. This is the future of coaching, and I am incredibly excited about being on the cutting edge with TriDot.”