Prana has released the women's Soul T, its first Fair Trade Certified garment.

Prana has partnered with Fair Trade USA to support and promote the Fair Trade Certified Apparel and Linens pilot. PRana said the Spring 2011 release of this new women's Tee is the first in a line of fair trade items to come and puts prAna among just a handful of manufacturers offering Fair Trade Certified apparel in the United States.

Prana's co-founder and “trendologist” Pam Theodosakis supported the initiative from the beginning. “This spoke directly to my heart,” she said. “I love the idea of being able to give back to people in need because really we are all one and connected.”

Prana's Soul T is manufactured by the Liberian Women's Sewing Project and meets Fair Trade principles. These include:

•Fair price to farmers for their goods
•Fair labor conditions and wages for farm and factory workers
•Direct market access eliminating unnecessary middlemen
•Democratic and transparent organizations
•Community development
•Environmental sustainability

“These women are doing something out of the box in their country,” adds Theodosakis. “They are truly making a difference and this translates internationally for women's empowerment and rights.”