Powderhorn, the Jackson Hole-born ski apparel brand, named John
Walbrecht as the company’s new Sales Manager for North America.
Walbrecht was previously at Spyder, where he directed the snowsport
giant’s global sales and marketing efforts. In his new role, Walbrecht
will manage all of Powderhorn’s North American sales and operations,
including sales planning, account forecasting, strategic growth and new
market development.

“I worked with John when he lead the global sales and marketing efforts
for Spyder and am very proud to begin working together again,” said
Christian Baettig, owner of Powderhorn and Chris Sports Systems. “John
is a true performer in the sales field and has tons of great contacts
with the right accounts – I believe he will make a big difference for
Powderhorn in the US and Canada,” added Baettig.

Powderhorn also relocated its North American distribution and
operations center for Chris Sports North America to Novato, California
– in a company-wide effort to optimize annual fixed costs while also
simplifying customer service and sales support efforts.