The POW glove brand marks the return of the winter season in time to save your hands from the impending El Nino storm cycle. Founded in 2002, POW has now been constructing gloves for more than a decade.

A line of freshly designed gloves, mitts and triggers, now viewable on the POW website, offer educated designs made in conjunction with team riders such as Manuel Diaz (HD Mitt/Glove), Dash Longe (Tallac Mitt), and Austin Hironaka (Royal Glove/Mitt).

Team riders, along with POW company members, extensively tested the new glove materials to ensure technical synthetic fabrics, full-grain Grade A leather and other fabric technologies stood up to the elements over time.

POW designers saw the coming winter season as an opportunity for something new. Having built its foundation with a focus on comfort, fit, durability and functionality, POW was recently granted the license to add Gore-Tex offerings to its line.

The 2015/16 POW Gloves collection includes Gore-Tex Warm, Grip and Active product technologies. The Gore-Tex license was first extended to POW in 2010, however, new products were enhanced to meet the demands and challenges fraught by snow lovers and high alpine daredevils, as well as for less performance-driven folks living in regions that get the most freeze. After all, POW’s motto includes the principle of functionality: “All Day, Everyday,” POW says, which hints not only to the durability of its gloves but their crossover uses as well – from the slopes to shoveling to snowball fights.

The gang at POW

The gang at POW

Also new for POW comes a “Built To Last,” promise. This two-year manufacturer warranty is another ode to the company’s dedication to quality. Based in Seattle, WA, POW has become one of the fastest growing small glove brands with distribution in nearly 40 nations worldwide.