An Indiegogo-funded e-bike with fat tires designed to gently coast over sand, snow, grass or gravel looks like it comes straight out of the Mad Max movies. But the ride to Valhalla on this innovative XTERRAIN500 will have to wait, as the bike is still waiting for approval from the masses.

At press time its Indiegogo campaign is less than 25 percent funded. With a final USD goal of $30,000, the e-bike has only raised a little over $5,000 as of September 24 with only 18 days remain in the funding cycle. However, the plus side of using the crowdfunding site Indiegogo is that even if the project does not reach projected funding, contributors still receive their funding perk, and the project gets to keep whatever percentage it earned.

XTERRAIN-500As for the specs of this monster bike, a throttle and pedal assist control pushes the rider up to 20 miles-per-hour. The uber-fat front tire is a 10-inch-wide wheel. This extra-large ATV tire crowns the XTERRAIN500 the biggest and burliest of all electric e-bikes, the Indiegogo page boasts.

The bike is also made with a variable width front fork. This unique patent pending triple tree fork plate has four holes allowing moving fork tubes to be either closer together or farther apart, to accommodate either a regular 26 x 4.6” fat tire or 20 x 10” sand tire. Both sizes are included, for urban off-roading or sand and snow riding.

Electric versions of the XTERRAIN500 are offered for the top price donation of $1,250 – $1,549, while the next step down in the funding chart is a non-electric version for $700. For other funding options and specs, visit the official XTERRAIN500 Indiegogo page.