Polartec announced the elimination of PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) in its DWR (durable water repellent) treatments across its line of performance fabrics.

This non-PFAS treatment, offering zero loss of durability or water repellency, is the latest in the company’s EcoEngineering initiative. As part of its sustainability efforts, “Polartec prioritized performance and longevity as it worked to eliminate PFAS in its DWR treatments. This new weather protection fabric treatment will be used in Hardface, Power Shield, Power Shield Pro, NeoShell, and Windbloc products. The technology will also extend to fleece and insulation treatments for greater moisture management on products like Thermal Pro and Alpha.”

“Trial results have exceeded even our expectations,” said Mike Rose, Polartec VP of Product Development. “There is no loss of performance from a water repellency or durability standpoint.”

“Achieving non-PFAS treatments within our product line is an important milestone in our commitment to sustainably made performance fabrics,” added Steve Layton, Polartec President. “It’s the latest step on our journey to an even more sustainable Polartec.”

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Photo courtesy Polartec