Model year 2025 highlights include Polaris’ patented Dynamix suspension technology, offering RMKs that are up to seven pounds lighter, expanding the customer-favorite Patriot 9R engine into its trail and crossover models, and introducing the wide track with the 650 Titan Adventure Timbersled, the original snow bike brand, adds versatility to its lineup making it easier to customize the ride. 

Riders can build their dream snowmobile through the industry’s leading customization program, SnowCheck, which runs through March 27

Polaris, Inc. introduces its 2025 Snowmobiles and Timbersled lineup, offering the latest technology and engineered upgrades from 

  1. Introducing its patented Dynamix suspension technology for more comfort and control, 
  2. Designing a lighter RMK lineup, 
  3. Launching new models with the RMK SP and 650 Titan Adventure widetrack, 
  4. Expanded the availability of the Patriot 9R engine, and 
  5. A build-your-own snowmobile option through SnowCheck, available through March 27, 2024.

“We are continuously working to redefine what’s possible, and we do so by listening to our riders and designing a lineup that delivers the best experience on snow,” said Jenny Nack, vice president and general manager at Polaris Snow. “With our 2025 snowmobile lineup, we are introducing new features, technology or upgrades across nearly every one of our snow segments. Trail riders will discover reinvented suspension technology with our patented Dynamix for improved handling and added confidence on the trails. 

“Our RMK mountain riders will be excited for the added control thanks to lighter sleds, as well as a new RMK option that makes mountain riding more approachable. Plus, we have enhanced capability and agility for those using their snowmobiles for utility work, but also want to have some fun on the trails.”  

Full details on the 2025 lineup of Polaris snowmobiles, along with the SnowCheck spring order program and ship guarantee, can be found here.

Timbersled Adds Versatility to Polaris’ 2025 Lineup
For 2025, Timbersled introduced the Timbersled Riot snow bike kit with an added limiter strap that can be added to the Riot platform in “five minutes or less” and allows riders to customize their ride for their preferred style or the day’s snow conditions. Installing the limiter strap provides a “more precise, technical riding style while removing it provides the agility and playfulness expected of the Timbersled Riot.” 

For more information on the 2025 Timbersled lineup and the latest in partnered accessories and details for the ShowCheck spring order program, go here.

Image courtesy Polaris