As part of its Aero initiative, POC released Propel, its latest lightweight cycling eyewear designed to enhance aerodynamics for the rider with a large lens.

The result of computational fluid dynamic testing (CFD), the Propel features a lens and temple design to reduce drag, allow airflow to interact with the rider’s body position and enhance peripheral vision to react to oncoming dangers.

POC’s eyewear manager, Tilda Håll, said, “In developing our Aero initiative, we wanted to explore the aerodynamic potential of eyewear. We know the world of performance cycling is about marginal gains, and every watt saved can make a difference. We tested continually with CFD to research and fine-tune our ideas. The results led us to design the eyewear with the rider’s body and position in the forefront of our minds. The result is the most aerodynamic eyewear we have ever produced.”

The Propel is designed to sit close to the face, with a wrap-around feel and side fairings that guide air away from a rider’s ears. Airflow management brings aerodynamic gains as air is directed over the shoulders instead of a rider’s ears to cause turbulence, which creates a smoother airflow and enhances a rider’s aerodynamic profile.

The Propel debuted at the Tour Down Under, with EF Education First teams using the new eyewear.

Constructed with a bio-grilamid frame, the glasses include three nose bridge sizes, and the temples are adjustable for length and grip.

Photo courtesy POC