PeopleForBikes said the number of protected U.S. bike lanes has nearly doubled to 138 in the two years since it launched the PeopleForBikes Green Lane campaign.

By definition, a protected bike lane is an on-street bike lanes separated from traffic by curbs, planters, parked cars, or posts. PeopleForBikes is currently the only organization keeping track of how many of these exist around the country. Between 1874 and 2011, only 78 of these facilities were built nationwide.

“2014 was a landmark year for protected bike lanes,” said Zach Vanderkooy, Green Lane Project International Programs Manager at PeopleForBikes. “46 protected lanes went on the ground — the biggest annual number to date — bringing the total number of these lanes across the country to 191.”

“60 cities in 28 different states now have protected bike lanes on the ground, including places with a more suburban character like White Flint, MD and Ogden, UT. Cities of all shapes and sizes are adding protected bike lanes to their toolkits for better performing streets and communities.”