According to Reuters, a U.S. judge today dismissed Peloton’s lawsuit seeking a declaration that it did not infringe Lululemon’s patents in developing its apparel line.

Peloton sued Lululemon on November 24, 2021, in Manhattan Federal Court, after Lululemon sent a cease and desist letter threatening to sue Peloton unless it stopped selling five women’s bras and leggings.

The suit arose following Peloton’s September 2021 launch of a private-label apparel brand after ending a five-year co-branding agreement with Lululemon.

Lululemon claims that five of its women’s bras and legging products, including Strappy Bra, High Neck Bra, Cadent Peak Bra, Cadent Laser Dot Bra, and Cadent Laser Dot Leggings, infringe on six Lululemon design patents.

Lululemon sued Peloton on November 29, 2021 in Los Angeles Federal Court, seeking triple damages for Peloton’s alleged willful infringement of six design patents in creating its “copycat” clothing line.

“Peloton intended to closely copy Lululemon’s proprietary designs and pass off its goods as Lululemon’s high-quality products to misappropriate the immense goodwill that Lululemon has spent enormous time, effort and expense to cultivate,” Lululemon said in Federal court documents.

In dismissing Peloton’s lawsuit, Manhattan U.S. District Judge Andrew Carter called the case an improper “anticipatory action,” in which Peloton reneged on an agreement with Lululemon to resolve the dispute out of court.

The judge’s decision could mean that litigation will resume in Los Angeles Federal Court after being put on hold in March, pending the Manhattan case’s resolution.