Pearl Izumi, the official merchandiser of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (USPCC) this week, launched a completely new brand position across all three product categories – cycling, running and triathlon. The new platform is called “Endure & Enjoy”.

The USPCC was the ideal time to launch this platform, given Pearl Izumi’s major partnership with the USPCC and the significant audience associated with this project. The USPCC is currently the biggest stage in the U.S. for cycling.

The new brand position, “Endure & Enjoy”, celebrates the passion behind ,and results that follow, hard work -a core value that all endurance athletes share. Pearl Izumi believes that the sport of cycling is a sanctuary for anyone and everyone who yearns to sweat, sacrifice and suffer their way to earned enjoyment. To an extent, endurance sports have lost their way, the company asserts, and Endure & Enjoy wants to remind people what it is really about.