PGA champion and former WR#1 golfer Jason Day and Payntr Golf, the U.S. footwear brand, announced they have collaborated on a footwear collection dubbed the X1 Proto. It is scheduled to drop at retail in Fall 2024 with Day testing the model throughout the 2024 pro golf season. Day current wears the X 006 RS in PGA Tour competition.

“Over the last several years, Payntr Golf and their footwear have made a name for themselves amongst many professional golfers on Tour,” said Day. “When the opportunity to join this team, and their mission to give golfers a true on-course performance advantage, was proposed, it fit perfectly. Their golf footwear expertise and attention to detail are unmatched. But, for me, having the unique opportunity to work closely as an owner on a collaborative collection from concept to reveal was key to the full partnership coming together.” 

A highlight of the collaboration is Day’s equity ownership in Payntr Golf and his involvement in the design and development process from inception to execution.

Day and Paynter Golf’s design process of the X1 Proto model will take over the next six months and is the brand’s first foray into developing a silo of golf footwear with a classic design aesthetic. The collection will combine Day’s signature style elements with Payntr Golf’s proprietary propulsion technology and advanced comfort features, resulting in a performance-driven product.

Day’s feedback on the collection’s development has been and will continue to be “instrumental in refining the design and functionality of the footwear, ensuring it meets the highest standards of performance, traction, waterproofing, and comfort.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Jason on this exciting venture,” said Mike Forsey, co-founder and president of Payntr Golf. “His unparalleled expertise and passion for the game will continue to be invaluable in creating a truly innovative golf footwear collection with a new tech classic style to elevate the on-course experience of golfers around the world.”

The announcement follows the 2024 PGA Merchandise Show, where Payntr Golf introduced the Trainer X 001, a training shoe that uses a Carbitex GearFlex propulsion plate incorporated in all Payntr Golf footwear, allowing the wearer to “harness ground reaction forces to leverage the ground for power whether in the gym, on the street or the golf course.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in this new partnership. From concept to the prototyping process has been eye-opening,” said Day. “Being able to contribute my insights and preferences to shape Payntr Golf’s next generation of footwear is truly exciting. I believe in our brand’s vision and am honored to be a part of elevating the Payntr Golf product offering. We are pushing boundaries and creating footwear that will exceed the expectations of golfers and athletes worldwide. I believe golfers should not have to choose between comfort, performance and style. With Payntr Golf footwear, you can have all three”

Image courtesy Payntr Golf