Patagonia Works, which includes Patagonia, Inc., as well as Patagonia Media and Patagonia Provisions, announced a a seed investment in Bureo Inc., a company that has established a
fishing net collection and recycling program along the coast of Chile. Bureo transforms the waste into sustainable skateboard decks.

The amount of money was not disclosed but it came from Patagonia’s $20 Million & Change fund, which was launched in 2013 to invest and support start-ups help
innovative, like-minded environmentally-inspired startups.

Bureo is not your typical startup-theyve invented an incredible
recycling program by rallying the fishing industry in Chile to turn
plastic ocean waste into a great product, said Patagonia CEO Rose
Marcario in a statement. Were investing in Bureos vision to scale their business to a
global level and make a serious dent in the amount of plastic that gets
thrown away in our oceans.”

The press release is here: