Patagonia said it has hired Avi Garbow, the Environmental Protection Agency’s longest-serving general counsel, as environmental advocate to “ensure we are doing everything we can to protect our planet.”

Garbow, a nationally recognized environmental lawyer and advocate, served as the EPA’s general counsel under President Obama. With decades of experience in tackling many of the most critical threats to our air, water, and lands, Garbow is expected to provide strategic leadership and vision to Patagonia’s environmental advocacy efforts. He will work in close partnership with teams across the company on Patagonia’s environmental stewardship efforts.

“The climate crisis is here, and it is dire, and our government is refusing to address it. We are excited to welcome Avi into the Patagonia family and extend the urgent work that is needed to address the climate crisis,” said Rose Marcario, president and CEO of Patagonia. “As Patagonia’s Environmental Advocate, Avi will provide leadership and strategy to our commitment to the planet. He will help us advance policies that support land and water, renewable energy and regenerative organic agriculture. These are solutions that can not only curb our carbon problem, but also reverse it.”

“The need for private sector leaders to protect our environment, conserve our lands, and address the climate crisis has never been greater,” Garbow said. “Patagonia, whose very mission is to use its business to save our planet, brings a legacy of action and resolve to meet the challenges ahead. I am excited to join Patagonia as its first dedicated Environmental Advocate, as together we confront our most serious environmental problems and promote sustainable solutions for our people and our home planet.”