Patagonia has added its proprietary “CSS-seamless” welded and glued seems to its hardshells and softshells in the “Edge” line, eliminating the problems traditionally caused by stitched seams. The company sees SnowSports as its “biggest un-tapped market for growth” and told BOSS that it will be upping the ante in the SnowSports market considerably market over the next few years. Other new introductions were the Puff Rider and Puff Pants, a top and bottom insulated offering.

In addition to its SnowSports specific offerings at the show, Patagonia was showing off its new redesigned R1 insulation series. The company worked in conjunction with Polartec to create a new “Biomapping” process that allows different densities of fabric throughout one piece, without stitching two fabrics together. This gave Patagonia the ability to place more insulation/protection where it is needed, and offer more breathability in other key areas.