Paramount Apparel International (PAI), a manufacturer and distributor of headwear, apparel and accessories, acquired Back 9 USA LLC, a golf lifestyle brand established in 1997.

“I am very excited to bring Back 9 under Paramount’s management,” said Mark Rubenstein, chairman & CEO of Paramount Apparel International. “The Back 9 logo has great consumer appeal, and limitless potential at retail and online.”

PAI now owns several golf brands in addition to Back 9, including Imperial Headwear and American Dry Goods, as well as headwear licenses like Converse and manufacturing agreements with brands such as Nike.

“Paramount has been successfully manufacturing and licensing other brands for decades,” said Todd Johnson, newly appointed president & COO of Paramount Apparel International. “We will continue with our current business model, but also want to focus on the brands we own and incubate new ones too.”

The Back 9 brand offers products ranging from headwear and apparel to headcovers and towels. Golf has always been the focus, with a lifestyle approach to its marketing efforts. PAI plans to integrate Back 9 into its operational platform, give its designers the ability to develop new product, leverage sourcing relationships and market the brand to retailers and consumers through a revamped e-commerce website.

“I’m pleased to see Back 9 continue its path at Paramount,” said Andy Hydorn, president at Back 9 USA. “There are tremendous resources available here [PAI] to fuel the brand and achieve the levels of growth we always knew were possible.”

As part of the acquisition, PAI will hire Hydorn to oversee the Back 9 brand and manage green grass sales representatives for American Dry Goods.

Photo courtesy Paramount Apparel International