Paka, the Peruvian sustainable alpaca clothing brand and certified B Corp. opened a flagship store in Cusco, Peru.

Founder and CEO of Paka, Kris Cody’s inspiration for manufacturing outdoor apparel using alpaca fiber came in 2015 as a student attending the University of Virginia. It was then, on a backpacking trip to Peru, that he purchased a handwoven alpaca sweater from a local weaver and had a light bulb moment.

“Cusco is where this all started, and the community here has always been at the core,” said Cody. “We poured our hearts into creating this first physical home to honor that connection and to create a space for our community to meet up and go exploring together. I think we’re all excited to witness the adventures that come out of it.”

“We’re working alongside 100-plus Quechua women weavers to build an NGO that preserves the Inca traditions. Our products include a handwoven Inca ID made on a handloom in the Sacred Valley of Peru.”

The store, at Sta. Catalina Angosta 139, retains an original Inca wall that serves as the store’s entrance. Inside the company sells its full apparel line and exclusive in-store products. The space also houses a cafe with single-origin Peruvian coffee and meeting space for local guides to host trek briefings, workshops and public talks.

Photo courtesy Paka