River City Canoe & Kayak has partnered with Louisville Metro Parks and the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement to sponsor delegate to the Outdoor Nation Youth Summit and Festival in Central Park. The event will span two days, June 19 and 20, and for the first time bring together young Americans from across the country to reclaim, redefine and rediscover the outdoors.

River City Canoe & Kayak is looking for those young leaders who will commit to championing paddle sports (canoeing or kayaking) — as athletes, artists, advocates and ambassadors.

New to Louisville, Doug and Jessa Davis, the owners of River City Canoe & Kayak, firmly believe that empowering young people and getting them involved in outdoor recreation and paddle sports is one of their main focuses.

“This is a win for everyone involved,” Doug Davis said. “Outdoor recreation in general and paddle sports specifically are fun, build confidence, lay the foundations of a healthy lifestyle, and act as gateways to interest in the sciences. We don’t care what you paddle, or how much or how little you paddle. We just want to find a young person with a passion for paddle sports, and who wants to share how much fun it is with others.”

The sponsors are urging kids age 18 to 24 to submit an application to become part of Louisville’s official delegation  no later than May 20, 2010. Candidates must include the following information:

  • A resume (maximum 1 page) detailing leadership experience, academic achievement, evidence of actual or desired experience in the outdoors, including, but not limited to paddle sports such as canoeing or kayaking, and references.

  • A concise (maximum 75-word) paragraph describing the project they would propose to implement upon your return from the summit to increase awareness of and participation in paddle sports (realizing that this project is subject to change depending upon information received and experiences gained at the Summit)

Sponsorship includes all travel expenses related to the event including airfare, hotel accommodations, and local transportation. Lunch and breakfast will be provided to the delegates on June 20. Partners interested in sending delegates who are under 18 years of age, must be responsible for securing appropriate chaperon, who will take full responsibility for the safety of the participant.