Outerbike, the three-day experiential consumer bike event, announced the cancellation of its remaining three Outerbike events that were on the 2020 calendar: South Lake Tahoe, Moab and Bentonville. At the same time, the organization announced a new feature would be launching on the Outerbike website to guide online consumers to find a bike.

“The sad news is, of course, we’re canceling the rest of this year’s events, but the great news is the bike industry is booming! Pretty much every brand I speak with, sales are through the roof. This means more people are joining the cycling community, and that’s more people who can join us at future Outerbikes. And not just Outerbike’s, but all types of cycling events, and that’s a winning combination we can be excited about for 2021 and beyond,” said Mark Sevenoff, co-founder of Outerbike. “Of course, COVID-19 certainly played a part in our choice to cancel the rest of our 2020 events, however, we’re excited about the opportunity to use this time to make some important changes to the Outerbike website—stand by for more news on this, and in the meantime if you need a break, small group Western Spirit bike trips are departing every week.”

Outerbike noted that cycling sales have seen a major boost during the pandemic as people look for safe ways to get outdoors and exercise. With the working title ‘Your Friend in the Bike Business,’ the new section of the Outerbike website will start with questions for the rider about their needs, hopes and riding plans and will lead them to bikes from Outerbike exhibitors created to meet those needs. The online tool will bridge the gap to make sure new cyclists feel welcome and provide them with the tool for finding their next bike.

More details regarding ‘Your Friend in the Bike Business’ will be shared soon. For 2020 event attendees who want to defer their registration to a 2021 event, Outerbike is offering a “bring a friend for free” option. The Outerbike 2021 dates will be announced in the coming months.

Photo courtesy Outerbike