Outdoor Adventure Media (OAM) said Elevation Outdoors Magazine has joined its network of grassroots outdoor publications. Elevation Outdoors -a free bimonthly publication  in Colorado-will release its inaugural issue in February 2009. Each issue will focus on outdoor sports, trends, gear, travel, music, and the environment.
OAM creates content and sells national advertising for a network of publications, including Adventure Sports Journal, A.T. Journeys, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine, Breathe Magazine, Outdoors Northwest Magazine, Out There Monthly, and Vermont Sports.

“I’m thrilled to be adding a magazine covering the Rocky Mountains to our already impressive network of regional grassroots publications,” says Blake DeMaso, president of OAM and owner of Summit Publishing, which publishes Blue Ridge Outdoors, Breathe Magazine and will publish Elevation Outdoors. “Elevation Outdoors is a natural fit for our group and will be an exciting venture for Summit Publishing.”

Fourteen-year-old Blue Ridge Outdoors claims circulation of 110,000 and readership of over 340,000. Breathe Magazine, which is dedicated to inspiring active women to explore their passions, claims a circulation of 150,000 female readers.