OrthoLite, the manufacturer of performance footwear insoles and the parent company behind Cirql, a sustainable materials solutions provider for the global footwear industry, released a midsole foam called Cirql rTPU30. 

The new patented technology from Cirql is made with 30 percent post-consumer recycled TPU material and manufactured through a chemical-free, “supercritical” foaming process. Cirql rTPU30 is “a scalable and fully recyclable midsole solution.”

Cirql’s rTPU30 meets 2024 compliance standards by incorporating 30 percent GRS-certified, post-consumer recycled TPU materials directly into the foam using a patented technique exclusive to Cirql’s chemical-free “supercritical” injection foaming process.


Click on the image or the link here, and walk Ortholite’s Cirql Center of Excellence with FDRA’s Matt Priest and Cirql’s Matt Thwaites to learn more about the processes behind Cirql’s supercritical foaming capabilities, including the new Cirql rTPU30.


“Our goal is to exceed the expectations of footwear developers searching for advanced, sustainable footwear materials designed with consideration for their end-of-life,” said Glenn Barrett, founder and CEO of OrthoLite. “OrthoLite is proud to meet the staggering demand from our 550-plus brand partners for more trusted solutions with Cirql rTPU30.”

In March 2022, OrthoLite introduced Cirql to the footwear industry. Fully recyclable Cirql rTPU30, with the brand’s fully biodegradable and compostable product range, round out the Cirql materials solutions for addressing product end-of-life cycles.

Ortholite reported that “third-party labs tested Cirql rTPU30 material and passed the essential tests for midsole specs.”

Cirql rTPU30 is offered in two options: co-molded TPU outsole, which will remove the bonding process and make it a glueless, single-material bottom unit, or bonded to all outsoles on the market today.


Click on the image or the link here and sit down with Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America Matt Priest and Cirql’s Matt Thwaites to learn about the new Cirql rTPU30 midsole with 30 percent post-consumer recycled content, and how CIrql is addressing footwear end-of-life solutions.


Cirql recyclable injection foam has 29 patents filed worldwide—16 were granted and in effect—along with verifications, including Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification.

“Cirql represents not only an entirely new product and patented foaming process for OrthoLite it also is an opportunity to minimize waste and pollution on a wide scale across all footwear. The big-picture goal of Cirql is to help move the footwear industry toward true circularity by reducing carbon footprints, delivering more sustainable materials solutions and eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process. We are excited for the future of footwear as well as the upcoming announcements that will continue to come from Cirql this year,” said Matt Thwaites, vice president and general manager of Cirql. 

Cirql rTPU30 will be available to footwear brands in Q2 2024. 

Images and videos courtesy Ortholite/You Tube