Oros, a digitally native performance apparel brand based in Cincinnati, OH, has secured a $5 million financing round.

Investors include Sonny Vu, founder and former CEO of Misfit Wearables (acquired by Fossil Group in 2015 for $260 milllion); Eric Dobkin, a former partner at Goldman Sachs known as “the Father of the Modern IPO;” NCT Ventures and Listen Ventures, a brand-focused venture capital firm out of Chicago.

Oros said it has utilizes Aerogel, which NASA uses to insulate its spacecraft, to he;p make its performance apparel thinner, warmer and more versatile.

“Oros is a brand that stands out from the pack and lives its mission– to create the most advanced outdoor apparel & technology, elevate experiences, and inspire people to rethink the realm of possibility,” said Michael Markesbery, CEO, Oros.

“Oros has all the ingredients to be a brand of tomorrow. It’s rare you find a technical innovation team that builds a 10x consumer product. We’re looking forward to making the future feel warmer,” said Rick Desai, Listen Ventures.

The brand, which launched in 2015 with capital raised through Kickstarter, also launched a new fall line as well as a redesigned website.