With a 15 year pedigree in action sports related eyewear with its SPY Optic brand, Orange21 has defined itself as a top-selling leader in both design and quality of product while establishing a position as an authentic participant in the culture of Action Sports.

Our strategy is very simple, says Stone Douglass, CEO of Orange21, We have a platform of authenticity in both eyewear production and brand image-Now were sharing! And everyone likes a friend who shares.

Simply put, Orange21s strategy for growth relies on its superior, market leading design and manufacturing ability balanced with an evenly calculated approach to markets. We are choosing partners with supplementary market share and consumer values, says Brand Manager, Matthew Harkins. Our goals for growth as a company mandate both sustainability when entering new markets and the sensitivity to further the partnerships weve already established. Orange21 is taking a very conscious approach to new brands, ensuring lateral expansion in eyewear markets to avoid oversaturation.”

 Our multi-brand approach gives us new and deeper stories to take to retail, says Erik Darby, VP of Sales. Our strategy for growth allows us to mean more to our existing customers, and provides multiple platforms to sell into new types of retail. Whichever of our brands opens the door to new growth, the others have a chance to follow.

As a balancing act to the fragile retail economy, brands are looking for the right ways to grow without alienating their retailers or consumers.  By branching into markets and distribution channels that have little conflict, Orange21 has laid down a platform for growth that is symbiotic and pro-business. Best of all it’s a platform that has room to grow as the heavy door of this recent economy prepares to swing towards opportunity.