Beginning in 2020 Deion Sanders will join the Oofos brand. Through this strategic partnership, Oofos will become Sanders’ exclusive partner for recovery footwear.  He will be working with the brand to introduce its proprietary OOfoam technology to other athletes.

As a multi-sport professional athlete, Deion was left managing severe foot pain and subsequently had difficulty walking. When he was introduced to the Oofos brand at a 7on7 tournament in 2019, he contacted the company to explain the difference the shoes had made in his active lifestyle.

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with Deion. This is not a typical “endorsement deal”. What makes this relationship so special is its authenticity and how it exemplifies our mission of making yOO feel better. I’ve been in the athletic footwear and apparel business for a long time and have never seen an athlete of Deion’s caliber be so interested in becoming involved with a product and company based on his/her experience with the product. Deion understands the importance of recovery and how our technology benefits athletes.  To have someone like Deion join our team and help us spread the OO to more athletes is awesome!” – Steve Gallo, President, Oofos

Founded by a team of footwear veterans, Oofos recovery footwear is made with OOfoam technology that absorbs “37 percent more impact than traditional footwear foam materials … that will make your hard-working feet and body feel and recover better”.

Photo courtesy Oofos