OnCore Golf, a manufacturer of products and technologies that improve the on-course performance of golfers worldwide and a staunch supporter of emerging talent, partnered with PGA Camps to nurture the development of young golfers nationwide.

Building on its support for junior players, including Xeve Perez, Kirsh Choksi, Gwen Yarnall, and others, OnCore Golf said it is “committed to fostering the sport’s growth at the grassroots level.”

As part of this collaboration, OnCore’s subsidiary, EPEC Junior Golf Clubs, introduced a rental program tailored for junior participants in the PGA Camps to provide aspiring young golfers with access to premium equipment, setting the stage for excellence on-course.

“We are thrilled to partner with OnCore Golf to enhance the experience and opportunities for young golfers in our PGA Camps,” said Marc Haddad, founder of PGA Camps. “OnCore’s commitment to innovation and supporting junior talent aligns perfectly with our mission to inspire the next generation of golfers. Together, we look forward to empowering young athletes and shaping the future of the sport.”

By supplying the best golf balls in the game and introducing innovative rental programs for junior golf clubs, OnCore Golf “seeks to enhance the playing experience and performance of young athletes in the PGA Camps.”

Image courtesy OnCore Golf