OIWC has engaged some of the most influential executive-level women in the outdoor, bike, snow, and run industries in the 2016 Professional Mentoring Program, and is now seeking applications for qualified mentees. Deadline to apply is Nov. 16, 2015.

The OIWC Mentoring Program is the only cross-company, cross-industry program for women in the outdoor, bike, snow, and run industries. It is designed to create a unique relationship that takes participants out of their day-to-day activities to plan for their future and strategize how they will achieve their goals. This leads to their professional success and allows employees to contribute on a higher level to companies and the industry as a whole.

“Research shows that 83% of women in middle management have the desire to move to the next level in their company,” explains Amy Luther, OIWC Program Director. “OIWC is leveraging this opportunity to reengage the skilled mid-level employee, enhance retention of top-tier talent, and ultimately feed candidate pools for C-Suite positions.”

Eligible mentees must currently work in the outdoor, bike, snow, or run industry in a manager or director role, have 3-7 years experience, manage employees, be a current OIWC member, and have a willingness to assess areas for personal and professional development.

OIWC is currently seeking qualified mentee candidates. Learn more at oiwc.org/mentoring. Applications must be submitted by November 16, 2015.