For the first time, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) endorsed candidates running for state office – Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) for reelection, and Sue Minter (D-VT) in her bid to lead the Green Mountain State.

In addition to being outdoor enthusiasts themselves, both candidates have elevated outdoor recreation, public lands and an emphasis on supporting the outdoor industry as core elements of their platforms. These endorsements come as part of OIA’s growing focus on the role state and local governments can play to support its members as well as close-to-home recreation opportunities.

“It’s an honor to receive the support of the Outdoor Industry Association, an organization dedicated to protecting Montana’s outdoor recreation economy and the thousands of jobs it supports,” said Steve Bullock. “My opponent has a different record of filing suit with the state to terminate a public stream access easement and supporting groups that want to sell off our public lands to the highest bidder, threatening Montana’s strong outdoor economy. As Attorney General and as Governor I have always stood up for our public lands and streams, and our access to them. I look forward to building on that record.”

“Montana is of growing importance as a hub of the outdoor recreation industry and it is important to have leadership that recognizes the benefits the industry can bring to the state,” said OIA Executive Director Amy Roberts. “Governor Bullock is one of those leaders, ensuring that Montanans enjoy both a healthy community and vibrant economy.”

“Outdoor recreation is part of Vermont’s heritage and under my leadership it will be a critical part of the Vermont brand and our economy,” said Sue Minter. “All my life I’ve been an outdoors-woman. I will champion leading-edge recreational opportunities in Vermont and make this state a welcoming partner to the growing outdoor industry.”

“Vermont has a rich tradition of the outdoor recreation, as well as a heritage of outdoor companies” said Roberts. “It is important to have leadership that recognizes the benefits our industry can bring to the state, and Sue Minter can be one of those leaders as Vermont’s next Governor.”

Photo courtesy Sue Minter