ShopKo Stores consolidated sales for the four weeks ended
October 30, 2004 decreased 2.9% to $228.7 million from $235.5 million during the same period last year. Consolidated comparable store sales decreased 3.1%.

Although overall sales in October were below expectations, the company
experienced improved gross margin rates.

           Sales Summary by Business Segment (dollars in millions)

     Retail Segments              Period Ended             % Change
     4 Weeks:                       10/30/04          Total**        Comp*
       ShopKo                        $166.1           (5.7)%         (5.6)%
       Pamida                          62.6            5.3            4.2
       Total Retail                  $228.7           (2.9)%         (3.1)%

     13 Weeks:
       ShopKo                        $553.1           (2.7)%         (2.4)%
       Pamida                         193.3            1.7            1.2
       Total Retail                  $746.4           (1.6)%         (1.5)%

     39 Weeks:
       ShopKo                      $1,674.7            1.0%           1.2%
       Pamida                         582.3            1.6            1.6
       Total Retail                $2,257.0            1.2%           1.3%

     *Comparable store sales represent sales of those stores open during both
     fiscal years and do not include sales from the ShopKo wholesale optical

     **ShopKo division total sales variance reflects sales from one closed
     ShopKo location in fiscal 2004 and one new ShopKo Express location.
     Pamida division total sales variance reflects sales in the prior year
     periods from seven locations which have been closed and not replaced, and
     two new Pamida locations opened in fiscal 2003.  Sales variance also
     reflects sales from five closed Pamida locations and seven new locations
     in fiscal 2004.

Consolidated comparable store sales for the month of November are expected
to be in the positive low single digit range.