OC Sports on Thursday announced the promotion of Brad Reagan to national sales manager following Joe Rubertino’s retirement. Reagan has more than 15 years of experience in the team sports industry, nine of which have been with Outdoor Cap, the parent company of OC Sports.

Reagan first served as a junior national sales manager for hunting and team sports with Walmart.com and Walmart Canada. More recently, his role was the OC Sports Stadium Sales Manager working with all 160 Minor League Baseball (MiLB) clubs as well as several wood bat leagues, independent baseball leagues, Minor League Hockey, and Minor League Soccer clubs.

Reagan tripled OC Sports’ business with MiLB in his six-year Stadium Sales position.

“My goal for OC Sports is to foster a convenient buying experience for team dealers, centered around our already stellar reputation,” Reagan said. “Customers expect upgraded products, service, and experience, which is exactly what we’re bringing to the table. Average just doesn’t cut it anymore. Headwear is an iconic piece of any uniform, and we take great pride in designing and producing high-quality caps. I’m truly blessed to have made a career out of what I love. I’m passionate about sports and working with teams, players, coaches, dealers, and everyone else in this space.”