Oboz made several changes to its U.S. and Canadian sales organizations to “bolster its retail partner service and consumer engagement at the store level throughout North America,” including realigning its midwestern sales territories, creating two new regional sales manager positions and moving its Canadian operations under the Canadian KMD Brands team.

“We’ve made a lot of investments into our team and a new structure which has us positioned to accelerate our growth in the market by providing superior value to dealers and a gateway to amazing experiences for consumers,” said Oboz President Amy Beck. “All these moves exemplify our commitment to providing the best service in the market at all levels.”

Oboz recently named Joel Conybear and Christian Schumacher East and West regional sales managers, respectively. Conybear, shown right, joined Oboz in October 2023, following almost 25 years working with Wilson and Amer Sports. Schumacher, pictured below right, has been an Oboz sales manager for the past three years before moving his focus to the western region.

“Joel and Christian bring lots of energy and experience to their positions, and beyond their daily charge of managing sales and the sales groups, they are constantly on the lookout for new ways to provide value to our retail partners,” added Beck

In Canada, Oboz folded its operations under the KMD Brands Canada team. Canadian operations are now under the direction of Nick Russell, VP of sales and marketing at KMD Brands Canada, with Eric Eichberger as the Canadian sales manager.

“Under this new arrangement, we will be able to capitalize on the systems and structure that our sister brands already have in place in Canada,” said Beck. “There is nothing like having a team in Canada, focused on Canada; this is going to allow us to grow and deepen our relationships with our Canadian retailers in a way we have never been able to before.”

Last fall, Powers-Pederson Sales Group and High Plains Outdoor Group joined the Oboz sales team and recently expanded their territories. In addition to Eastern Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, Powers-Pederson Sales Group now also covers Michigan’s upper peninsula, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. High Plains Outdoor Group, which covers the South Central territory, added Nebraska and Missouri.

Oboz also doubled down on its Outreach and Education program, which includes two vans with dedicated employees who provide sales clinic support, retailer sales event support and visibility and engagement at consumer events.

“All these investments are ensuring that when a customer comes into a shop, that the retailer has the Oboz shoe in stock and the knowledge to educate that customer as to why it fits so well and why it’s the shoe they need,” said Beck.

Images courtesy Oboz