Oakley, Inc. plans to partner with Transitions Optical, Inc. to create a line of non-prescription sunglass lenses that automatically adjust the level of tint with varying ultraviolet light conditions. The Transitions Photochromic Technology has been combined with Oakley's High Definition Optics, Plutonite lens material, and Oakley lens colors.

“The patented technologies of Transitions Optical combined with Oakley's High Definition Optics marks an evolutionary step in sunglass technology, offering levels of performance, convenience and optical clarity the world has never seen,” said Colin Baden, president of Oakley, Inc. “Whether you're golfing, cycling or pounding pavement on a dawn training run, you can't maintain peak performance unless your eyes keep up with your environment.”

“Transitions and Oakley are committed to advancing eyewear technology, and protecting and promoting healthy sight. Given Oakley's 30-year sports heritage, this is a great opportunity to bring our photochromic technology to outdoor sport performance applications,” said Dave Cole, general manager of the Americas, Transitions Optical. “Now, whether you're an athlete or just involved in outdoor activities these new sunglass lenses provide convenient protection from UV and glare while maximizing visual performance in all lighting conditions.”

“If you're a professional athlete, this combination of technologies gives you performance, impact resistance and clarity that you can't get with any other product,” continued Baden. “Even non-athletes — people who just want better comfort and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their view of the world is as sharp and clear as technology allows while being protected from the sun — will have the opportunity to utilize this combination of the world's best optical sciences.”