Effective Jan. 1, 2009, Oakley, subsidiary of Luxottica, will become the sole North American distributor for Luxottica house brands Arnette and Revo for all channels of trade replacing Avant Garde Optics. Additionally, Oakley will become the sole distributor for Ray-Ban in the sport retail channel in North America, also effective Jan. 1.

Avant Garde Optics, Luxottica’s wholesale distribution arm in North America, will continue to be responsible for the management, marketing and distribution of the Ray-Ban brand in all other channels of trade.

“We are pleased to leverage Oakley’s unsurpassed expertise in the sports marketing arena for the benefit of Arnette, Revo and the distribution of Ray-Ban in the sport channel,” said Pierre Fay, EVP of Luxottica Group’s wholesale operations in North America. “This transfer was designed to maximize our Group’s ability to provide service and support to customers and to maximize growth opportunities for these high-potential Luxottica house brands.”  

“We couldn’t be more excited to build upon these sport brands with such rich histories,” said Scott Bowers, senior vice president global marketing and brand development, Oakley. “Oakley has unique expertise and a proven track record in sport branding and distribution. We are committed to maintaining and improving the level of service that the retailers have received in the past and are taking steps to minimize the impact of this transition.”