Fallbrook Technologies Inc. is partnering with Evelo Electric Bicycles to promote Evelo’s “30-Day eBike Challenge,” which aims to encourage healthier, active lifestyles, more time spent outdoors, and getting the full benefit out of your electric bike.

Any consumer who purchases an Evelo eBike in June, applies to participate, and commits to regularly riding their eBike will be eligible to receive $10 from Evelo for every pound they lose during a 30-day period (up to 20 lbs.), between June 1 and Aug. 31. Throughout that time period, each participant will also be asked to blog about their experience.

Evelo offers Fallbrook's NuVinci’s N360 continuously variable drivetrain on its eBikes, including step-through models. The NuVinci 360 makes shifting smooth and seamless, enhancing the electric-assisted cycling experience.

“The NuVinci N360 has been very popular with our customers,” said Boris Mordkovich, CEO of Evelo. “It takes the enjoyment of riding an eBike to the next level.”

To be eligible in Evelo's 30-Day eBike Challenge, participants must purchase an Evelo Electric Bicycle by June 30, 2014, apply at www.evelo.com/challenge to participate in the Challenge within 15 days of purchase, commit to riding regularly during a 30-day period, between June 1, 2014, and August 30, 2014, and submit a weekly blog post and updates on their weight loss progress to the Evelo team. If the requirements above are met, at the completion of the challenge participants will receive, from Evelo, $10 for every pound lost within the 30-day period (up to 20 in total).