Nocona Athletic Goods Company has announced plans to rent 20,000 square feet from the former Nocona Boot Factory starting Monday. Full-time production in the temporary facility will begin shortly thereafter. A new facility will be built at 208 West Walnut Street, where the 79-year-old Nocona Athletic Goods Factory once stood.

On Tuesday, July 18, a fire blazed through the Nocona Athletic Goods building, where the world-famous, handmade Nokona baseball gloves have been produced. No one was injured in the fire. All employees will remain on staff and will continue to be paid their full wages during the transition period.

“The fire destroyed our plant, but our two most valuable assets — our employees and the Nokona name — survived. Both will help us rebuild in a new facility,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Robby Storey.

“The fire burned down a factory, not our company.” The fire is estimated to have caused $5 million in damage. Fire
officials are investigating the cause of the fire. However, employees were able to save some of the priceless memorabilia, corporate files and computer equipment. The company has set up a temporary office in downtown
Nocona, where the day- to-day business operations are continuing.

Other Nokona facilities have stepped up production and will continue to provide product.

“The people of Nocona have provided more support than we could have ever asked for. Everyone in this town is part of our extended family, and we are all looking out for each other,” Storey said. “We also appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers during this transition

“Our company is looking forward to building a new, more efficient facility that will be suited to fit our every need and offer additional amenities, such as air-conditioning,” Storey said.