CrossFit announced NOBULL will replace Reebok as title sponsor of the CrossFit Games and Official Footwear and Apparel Sponsor of CrossFit.

The CrossFit-NOBULL partnership kicks off the season leading to the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games from July 27 to August 1 and will extend for at least three years.

Announcing the deal, CrossFit CEO Eric Roza said, “NOBULL is the premier shoe and apparel brand to emerge from the CrossFit ecosystem, which has inspired thousands of entrepreneurial ventures around the world. My friends Marcus and Michael started NOBULL based on their passion for CrossFit and with the goal of creating shoes and apparel for the most demanding workouts. Put simply, CrossFit runs deep in NOBULL’s blood and culture.”

In its own statement, NOBULL reinforced its ties by saying “NOBULL was born in the CrossFit community. Since the beginning, this community has opened its doors to us, inspired us, and believed in us. We’ve experienced the highs and lows together, and we approach this next chapter with incredible energy and excitement. There will be no shortcuts, no gimmicks, and no excuses. The methodology works. The community is real. The athletes are world-class. The best is yet to come, and we cannot wait to welcome you to the NOBULL CrossFit Games.”

As part of the deal, NOBULL has agreed to fund the largest CrossFit Games prize purse in history.

Photo courtesy CrossFit