Nikwax, the manufacturer of PFC-free performance technical cleaners and waterproofing products for outdoor apparel, footwear and gear, introduced its performance waterproof downs—Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+ (NHD+) and Nikwax Hydrophobic Down Recycled (NHD Recycled).

 Key features of Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+ waterproof down fill:

  • PFC-free;
  • Exceeds 10,000 minutes on IDFB 18a shake test;
  • Responsible Down Certified;
  • Available in 650-to-900 fill;
  • Keeps users dry “more than 600 longer than competing waterproof-down products;” and
  • Designed for performance with Nikwax aftercare products.

 Key features of Nikwax Hydrophobic Down waterproof recycled down fill: 

  • PFC-free;
  • Exceeds 1,000 minutes on the IDFB 18a shake test;
  • Global Recycled Standard certification available;
  • Made of recycled down fill;
  • Available in 650-to-800 fill power;
  • Keeps users dry “more than 900 percent longer than untreated down;” and
  • Designed for performance with Nikwax aftercare products.

“Our industry partners have been searching for high-performing, PFC-free, sustainable hydrophobic down fill options, and we’ve been able to deliver two that are not only PFC-free but perform better than anything else in their respective categories,” said Nikwax NA president Brian Davidson. “Nikwax is known for being a leader in PFC-free chemistry, sustainability and performance, and we’re looking forward to elevating our brand partners with these new insulation options.”

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