Nikwax will partner with the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance to become the recommended aftercare product for the environmentally oriented outdoor retail alliance. The partnership will promote responsible enjoyment of the outdoors, while actively protecting the environment. The retail members who make up the alliance will receive increased margins on all Nikwax products.

“Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is pleased to partner with Nikwax as our official aftercare supplier,” said Dave Matz, executive director. “The company’s philosophies, operations and products are directly in line with our mission to protect and promote the experience of outdoor enthusiasts and the environment. We see this partnership as an opportunity to not only ensure solid margins for our members in the profitable aftercare space, but also to help educate consumers on how to care for and prolong the life of the gear they buy.”

“For Nikwax, partnering with the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance supports our most high priority missions: support our dealers and make every effort to ensure a healthy environment,” said Chas Fisher, president of Nikwax N.A. “The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance has been an effective and unifying force in the industry for the environmental movement and we’re honored to be their partners.”